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OSS Compass Community Annual Report - 2023

Significant Community Milestones in 2023

1. Community Users: As of December, the total number of active users on the official website exceeded 15,000, covering over 90 countries and regions. The top 3 countries are China, the United States, and Japan. And over 30% of users are from overseas.

2. International Cooperation: Established a partnership with CHAOSS, with CHAOSS set to complete the deployment of OSS Compass's SaaS service in 2024.

3. Industry Collaboration: Fully replaced Gitee Index with OSS Compass, connecting with over 30 million open source projects; domestic enterprises\' OSPOs utilizing OSS Compass for community governance and operation; supported iResearch in releasing the "2023 China Foundational Software Open Source Industry Research White Paper"; supported COPU in releasing the "2023 China Open Source Development Blue Book".

4. Government Collaboration: Provided data support for "open source community development improvement action" of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center.

5. Academic Collaboration: Six academic achievements from Peking University and Nanjing University were implemented in the community; supported academic research of Nanjing University, with one paper published at CCF-A conference and another submitted to CCF-A journal.

Part 1: Community Value

User Growth

From January to December of 2023: Total users on OSS Compass's official website exceeded 15,000, with over 10,000 new users and an average of over 1,000 monthly active users.


Top three countries by user distribution are China, the United States, and Japan. The

majority of users are from mainland China, with over 30% from overseas.


International Cooperation

1. Strategic cooperation with the Linux Foundation's CHAOSS community established, jointly initiating the development of ISO international standards for open source community evaluation in 2024.

2. Partnership established with CHAOSS, validating CHAOSS's open source evaluation model through OSS Compass's SaaS service "Compass Laboratory".

3. CHAOSS set to complete the deployment of OSS Compass's open source ecosystem evaluation solution SaaS service in 2024.


Industry Collaboration

  1. From November to December, the largest domestic code hosting platform, Gitee, integrated OSS Compass's open source ecosystem evaluation solution, enabling the display of OSS Compass evaluation index for over 30 million open source projects.


2. From September to December, some domestic technology companies\' OSPOs voluntarily used OSS Compass's open source ecosystem evaluation solution for governance and operation of related open source communities.

3. In June, OSS Compass provided data support for the "2023 China Open Source Development Blue Book", the compiling of which was led by the China OSS Promotion Union (COPU).

Consulting Agency Cooperation

In September, OSS Compass provided data support for the "2023 China Foundational Software Open Source Industry Research White Paper" released by iResearch. Related article links:

OSS Compass supports the release of the "2023 China Foundational Software Open Source Industry Research White Paper"

Huawei Full Connection Conference 2023 | Open Source Ecosystem Construction Is Becoming Key to the Development of the Intelligent World


Government Organization Collaboration

In October, the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, in conjunction with Nanjing University, Huawei, OSChina, Baidu, and other organizations, launched the "Open Source Community Development Improvement Action" during the "2023 Shenzhen • China 1024 Programmer Festival", aiming to promote the healthy development of open source communities. OSS Compass provided data support for this action.



Academic Collaboration

1. Six academic achievements from Peking University and Nanjing University landed in OSS Compass

In 2023, OSS Compass actively collaborated with Peking University and Nanjing University on academic reasearches. Currently, six academic achievements from both universities have been deployed in OSS Compass's SaaS service "Compass Collaboration".


2. OSS Compass supported Nanjing University in publishing CCF-A conference papers and journal papers

OSS Compass supported the academic research of Professor Liang Wang's team at Nanjing University on entropy-based metrics for measuring open source projects\' forks, providing data support for the paper presented at the CCF-A conference in September 2023.


Additionally, Professor Liang Wang's team submitted a paper based on the above research to a CCF-A journal: "Entropy-Based Indices to Quantify Community Evolution in Developer Social Networks," which is currently under review.

Other Collaborations

Currently, various domestic and foreign organizations related to open source in government, industry, academia, and research institutions are actively seeking cooperation with OSS Compass. Specific forms of cooperation are being discussed, including project cooperation and commercial cooperation simultaneously.

Part 2: Technical Progress


As of December, OSS Compass's dataset has included over 100,000 open source projects, with over 1,000 actively submitted to OSS Compass. There are over 300 technical subcategories for these projects.


Open Source Ecosystem Evaluation System

1. Open Source Ecosystem Evaluation System Restructured with the contributor persona models added:

In December, OSS Compass announced a brand-new open source ecosystem evaluation system on its official website documentation page. This new architecture builds over a dozen evaluation models in a three-dimensional space interwoven with "Productivity, Robustness, Niche Creation" and "Software, Collaboration, People". The previous SaaS platform had only four evaluation models: "Collaborative Development Index", "Community Service and Support", "Community Activity" and "Organization Activity". Now, three contributor persona models have been added, including "Contributor Domain Persona", "Contributor Milestone Persona" and "Contributor Role Persona".


2. Existing Evaluation Models Optimized:

In the second and third quarters, optimization was performed on over 30 evaluation metrics, and all metrics of the "Collaborative Development Index", "Community Service and Support", "Community Activity" and "Organization Activity" models were atomized, totaling 45 metrics, including five types of code, issues, PRs, repositories, and contributors.


SaaS Services

Since its official release on February 21, 2023, OSS Compass has continuously accelerated iterations and optimizations at the technical level to provide better metric models and SaaS services. As of December, 2023, the following significant progress has been made in SaaS services:


Compass Badge for Project Reports

Y-axis Scaling for Project Reports Charts


Switching between One-point System to Percentage System for Project Reports Charts

Compass Lab


Redirection from Project Reports to Repositories with One-click


Report Charts Embeddable in Open Source Project Webpages


Contributor Persona Models

Project Deep Dive Insight Solution

Three-dimensional Evaluation System Graph

Compass Collaboration

Part 3: Community Governance

Community Meetings

1. The 2023 fourth-quarter community Board meeting held on December 13, with two updates of meeting minutes (in Chinese and English) to the repository; the first Board meeting of 2023 held on August 23, with two updates of meeting minutes (in Chinese and English) to the repository.

Board Meeting Minutes: Chinese, English

2. Total 36 technical community meetings held, with community meeting minutes updated in both Chinese and English of 72 times.

Community Meeting Minutes: Chinese, English


Board members took a group photo at Peking University campus After the 2023 fourth-quarter Board meeting.

Website Maintenance

Throughout the year, the OSS Compass website underwent multiple rounds of updates, including adding Gitee or Github repository identifiers to all project avatars, adding technical category labels to repositories, optimizing the content displayed on the homepage, adjusting the website menu bar, adding dynamic pages, and optimizing documentation page content, etc.





Part 4: Community Operations

Community Events

December 13: 2023 OSS Compass Community Annual Meeting

December 1: Participated in the 2023 CCF China Software Conference

November 22: Participated in the Hefei Open Source Ecosystem Development Exchange Meeting

November 21: Participated in the CHAOSScast interview program

November 4: Be Invited to participate in the 7th Xiuhu Conference of CCF

October 24: Participated in the "2023 Shenzhen • China 1024 Programmer Festival"

September 21: Participated in OSS EU 2023

August 23: Organized Compass Lab release live streaming event, first half and second half

May 28: Participated in GOTC and planned Open Source Ecosystem Health Evaluation Forum

April 19: Participated in the Open Source Rainforest Forum of China International Software Development Conference

February 21: OSS Compass launch event


2023 OSS Compass Community Annual Meeting

Marketing and Communication

1. Sent 44 articles via WeChat official account platform, with 31 original articles, accumulating over 330 followers and over 10,000 reads.

2. Updated Twitter 11 times, accumulating over 400 reads.

3. Updated WeChat video account 17 times, accumulating nearly 3,000 views.

WeChat Groups/Slack Channels

1. Official WeChat group has over 280 members, with over 100 new additions.

2. Slack channel has over 45 users, with over 10 new additions.

Part 5: 2024 Community Planning

Technological Evolution and Business Planning

1. Continue Optimizing the Open Source Ecosystem Evaluation System and its SaaS Services

(1) Complete the development and launch of models such as contributor journey, reputation, security, compliance, software quality, etc.;

(2) Continue integrating other high-quality open source academic research results and community best practices, expanding the services of Compass Collaboration;

(3) Optimize the current open source evaluation SaaS services based on user feedback.

2. Launch Global Insights and Provide Specific Open Source Ecosystem Evaluation Solutions to Different Groups

(1) Provide comprehensive evaluation systems, reliable data, and technical service support for open source community managers, project owners, maintainers, and developers to improve community efficiency and promote healthy community development.

(2) Provide in-depth data analysis and project insights for organizations, OSPOs, and venture capital institutions to assist in decision-making, resource allocation optimization, and the discovery of high-potential open source projects.

(3) Provide open source community ecosystem data and analysis for academic researchers to promote research on open source governance and software usage, while also providing engineering capabilities and specific practices for academic results transformation.

3. Collaborate with Venture Capital Institutions to Promote OSS Compass

Through collaboration with venture capital institutions, explain OSS Compass data, further compile case studies, and promote user cases of OSS Compass to attract more users.

4. Work Closely with CHAOSS to Establish ISO International Standards for Open Source Ecosystem Evaluation

Collaborate with CHAOSS to jointly initiate the development of ISO international standards for open source community evaluation, expected to complete the first draft in 2024.

5. Establish Cooperation with OpenSSF

Work together with CHAOSS to promote OSS Compass as the officially recognized open source evaluation platform of OpenSSF.

Part 6: Conclusion

2023 was a year when the OSS Compass community was born and embarked on a new stage. Over the past 12 months, we have witnessed rapid growth in the community, deep cooperation both domestically and internationally, technological advancements, and significant achievements in community governance and operations.

In 2024, we will continue to improve and optimize, striving to provide more innovative and valuable features for the vast open source communities. We will actively collaborate with various parties to promote the healthy development of the global open source community ecosystem. We appreciate the support and participation of community members and look forward to continuing our journey together in 2024!

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