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OSS Compass Feature Update -- Three-Dimensional Evaluation System and Compass Collaboration

Countless projects emerge in the open source world every day, but accurately assessing the health of an open source project has always been a challenge. Fortunately, we now have the open source project's health check doctor - OSS Compass, and recently its open source ecosystem evaluation system and SaaS services have undergone comprehensive upgrades! Last week, we introduced the Contributor Persona Model and Project Deep Dive Insight Solution. Now, let's take a look at the Three-Dimensional Evaluation System Graph and Compass Collaboration together.

01 Brand New Open Source Ecosystem Evaluation System: Three-Dimensional Evaluation System Graph and Gitee Index Replacement

In the recent update, OSS Compass's open source ecosystem evaluation system, based on ecological principles, has constructed a three-dimensional space that includes the open source ecosystem, "collaboration, people, software" and evaluation models to describe the health of open source communities. We also use dynamic three-dimensional graphics to clearly display the relationships between these three dimensions.

You can find this three-dimensional evaluation system graph at the bottom of the OSS Compass official website's homepage. In the graph, each pillar represents an evaluation model, with the three colors of the pillar corresponding to productivity, robustness, and niche creation, while the filling colors at the bottom correspond to collaboration, contributors, and software. A brief introduction to the meaning of each dimension is provided on the right side of the chart. Clicking the "Learn More" button will take you to the documentation page for further detailed explanations.

Additionally, when you open the evaluation report page of any open source project, you will see a scaled-down version of the three-dimensional evaluation system widget. Here, the height of the pillars will vary based on the project's scores on various metrics models, with models not yet online displayed in gray.

It is worth mentioning that the domestic code hosting platform Gitee has successfully adopted OSS Compass's open source evaluation system solution and is gradually replacing the original Gitee Index. Now, managers of open source projects that have completed the replacement can intuitively view the scores of each model in the Gitee repository. Clicking on the widget will also take you to the OSS Compass analysis report page, which is incredibly convenient. Come and experience this convenient new feature!

02 SaaS Service Upgrade: Compass Collaboration

In addition to adding the Project Deep Dive Insight Solution, the recent SaaS service of OSS Compass has also added a brand new feature, "Compass Collaboration".

On the OSS Compass official website, you can find this feature by opening the "Collaboration" page. Compass Collaboration is a platform for collaboration and a bridge to promote collaboration between industry, academia, and research institutions. Here, we showcase academic research results in various technical fields or best practices in open source communities, sharing these excellent solutions with various open source communities, ultimately aiming to improve open source collaboration efficiency.

Currently, there are seven outstanding solutions online:

  • Three from Nanjing University, including "Research on Predicting Open Source Project Activity Based on OSS Compass Metrics", "Measurement Method for Evolutionary Behavior of Open Source Communities Based on Information Entropy" and "Measurement Method for Diversity of Fork Copies of Open Source Software Based on Entropy";
  • Three from Peking University, including the intelligent recommendation tool GFI-Bot for novice tasks, the intelligent recommendation tool MigrationAdvisor for library migration, and the open source software license recommendation tool LicenseRec;
  • One from the openEuler open source community, which is the openEuler Document Simulated Reading Companion.

Clicking on these solutions allows you to view specific introductions and related documents or papers, and tool-based solutions can be experienced and used online. Go and learn more and experience it~

We warmly welcome more industry, academia, and research institutions to discuss and promote open source collaboration with us, and to integrate more excellent results into Compass Collaboration.

If you have a solution and want to collaborate with us, you can go through the specific collaboration process on the Compass Collaboration page and submit your collaboration application by clicking on "Contact Us" on the page~

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