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Three-Dimensional Evaluation System and Compass Collaboration.
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Open Source Governance
Providing excellent evaluation system, reliable data and technical service support for the open governance of open source communities[to community managers, project owners, maintainers, and developers], enhancing community efficiency and promoting the healthy development of communities.
Data Decision
Offering in-depth data analysis and insights to organizations, OSPOs and venture investment institutions, helping them make decisions, optimize resource allocation, and detect high potential open source projects.
Academic Research
Providing data and analysis on open source community ecosystems[ to academic researchers], promoting research on open governance and open source software usage and providing the engineering ability and concrete practice of the transformation of academic achievements.
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Reflections on the Evaluation and Measurement of Open Source Ecosystem (3) - Dynamics and Statics of Contributors
Reflections on the Evaluation and Measurement of Open Source Ecosystem (2) - The Multidimensional Space of Evaluation Systems
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OSS Compass follows the best practices and specifications of the CHAOSS project, including metrics models and metrics, with some back-end components originally from Grimoirelabs.